Friday, December 19, 2008

301 Posts and One Job Richer

Thursday: I didn't realise that the last post was my 300th! A milestone in my blogging career!

So I mainly celebrated that in the car, then in a ugly office in a ugly place south of Aix, then in the car getting lost, then on a infinite motorway to nothing, then in a newly built office in the middle of a valley with a magnificent view of snowcovered mountains. But I was not thinking of any of this.

After 20 minutes in the valley office I got back into my car and raced home with music filling my ears and kicking myself for not having added an important aspect of my career to Mr. Head of Office and the RH lady. Overall the interview went well - I did well even on the tricky parts. But it will be far and costly working for them - a cost in terms of time, petrol, péage (motorway fees) and the risk that the long stretch of motorway brings. Seeing a weird accident on the way home just confirmed the latter. (Southbound lorry loose a tyre which bounce and rolls, crossing three lanes, and from the it jumps the barrier causing two northbound cars crashing into one another).

Seeing the distance and calculating the costs made me rather depressed: a great well-paid job and a great opportunity but. But. BUT. I wasn't feeling happy about it. I realised that I need to sacrifice a lot if I they offer me the job and honestly I just wanted to cry. It all seems too difficult.

Friday: I slept very little. A combination of packing until 01.00 am and being anxious for the feedback. With one unhappy cat in the cage and presents in the booth of the car we started off at 06.30am. Left the cat at the hotel and continued to Milan for a pre-Christmas celebration with the Italian family. Every time the mobile phone rings I'm jumping, an instant cramp sets in the stomach and I feel like throwing the thing out the window.

Friday afternoon: A lovely lunch prepared by MIL soothes many things... Until the phone rings and I see the name. Somehow I wished that I wouldn't be offered the job so that I didn't have to think about the difficult decision but I was. And all I told Mme G. was "wow" - and I felt like vomiting. The family here was very happy for me but couldn't bring myself to tell anyone else because I wasn't sure if I wanted to accept the offer or not. And I still needed to be sent the contract and salary expectations before I would even consider saying 'yes'.

Friday evening: Mme G. called me back with the salary info. Better than any other job I could expect to be offered in the South of France. But I'm still waiting for the contract - I need to know the conditions. And I still haven't officially said yes.

Later that evening: L. and I discussed it a lot, a lot more than a lot actually. And after a few hours I was feeling more relaxed and felt a hint of excitement. Since it's only a 6 month contract I have decided to become a weekend commuter! I'll find a furnished studio that I'd stay in from monday-friday. It's 40h work week which would only allow me to come home late (8 + 3h on the road), tired, eat and go to sleep. This solution will get me the experience I need to find another job closer to home! (For reasons I already know about there is no chance I'll ever be able to get a fixed term contract with this company. I could possible get an extension but this is uninteresting if there's not a future prospect in sight thus making it uninteresting for us to move closer).

Then I sent an sms to everyone making it 'official' to myself and my family/friends that I had been offered the job and that I will I accept it (99% sure if the contract is OK) ... and then went to see my nephew. He put on a big smile and show just so I could see him take his first wobbly steps :)


em said...

Congratulations ...I think! It's all very nerve-racking. I'm also getting back into the whole employment thing and it's scary. Sometimes you've just got to take a deep breath and step outside your comfort zone. Remember, there's always a way back if you find you don't like it. Relax and have a wonderful Christmas!


Frou Frou said...

COngratulations! 6 months is rather short, I think you made a very wise decision. Can you at least hint what the job is?:)

Robin said...

Congratulations on your new job AND three hundred posts (I'm just a few posts short of 300 myself...)! It sounds like the perfect compromise, a short term job to build experience but giving you (and your husband!) a fixed time limit on the weekend commuting...

Megan said...

yay! congrats. We will have to meet up if you will be close to Aix.

Jennie said...

Yay! Congrats! I know what you mean about calculating how much it will cost for the peages and gas though. I waste so much money on that!

Leah said...

Congrats, Astrid, definitely sounds like a big step forward and that the small sacrifices you will have to make will equal a big reward in the end!!!

JoAnn said...

Wow! That explains why you didn't post the results of the interview right away! Life is always so complicated, isn't it?

I'm happy for sounds as though you're making a wise decision. Wise decisions, plural! :)

Merry Christmas!

Michele said...

Wow! Gratulerer med jobben Astrid! We all know how hard you've been trying to find something, so how great to see that all of your effort has paid off. A little bit of a shame that it is so far away and that you'll have to rent a place but, as others have pointed out, it is only six months and that's no time at all. In this economy, this is a huge achievement for you! A wonderful start to the holidays. God jul og godt nytt år til deg (du?) og deres. (Min norsk er ennå ikke så bra...)

Betsy said...


Merry Christmas!

joy suzanne said...

Congrats, Astrid! And Merry Christmas!!

Astrid said...

Thanks everyone! :) I feel happy about the job now and I have also found potential appartments to rent. So it's all looking good.