Monday, March 16, 2009

Where to Start?

I know I had a lot to say when internet was a far off dream, something that would only happen to the "regular" French people. Two months passed where I, when nobody was looking, was sneaking into my igoogle to peak at the blog headlines, looking at my fav photoblogs wondering when I'd have time to go outside and take some of my own.

January was cold and dark. The mornings started at 7am, and it was dark, I went outside and immediately uttered some less nice words about the temperature which most often (and still is) below zero degrees celsius which meant scraping the ice off my car. The second week at work I was placed in the archives. If you haven't been to a storage archive before then I can tell you that they are normally placed in the less attractive parts of the buildings and most surely have no windows. I enjoyed it though and it helped me getting into the job more at ease. Getting to know people little by little. And when I was let out in the evening the sun had set and I had no energy left but to go to bed early.

You have no idea of what a pensioner I have turned into. No actually, I'm sure the pensioners around this village have more fun than I do!!

February was the month I finished the second part of the first project and was allowed to get to know my office. I knew I had a desk, colleagues and a great office chair but it had seemed far off when I first was stuck with 26 cubic meters of paper to handle in a windowless archive. My social life outside work had improved too. My landlady, a young spirited pensioner, invited me for dinner together with her friend, who again brought her locataire, a dutch girl my age. And after that we got into a the habit of having weekly dinners. The two local ladies, C and J, are the most welcoming, open and charming french people I've met in my three years in this country. Maybe it's the fact that we're away from the touristy seaside. Or maybe it's the size of this little town that makes them more open, even though this village is surviving on tourism as well.

And the weekends?? Come friday afternoon and I can be seen racing in the car, vroooming along to loud music, singing my heart out. I honestly can't wait to get home on fridays. To my little monstercat and L. Lorenzo, who since january has been preparing every weekend down to every detail. Once I walk in the door there are wonderful parfumes coming from the kitchen. All I have to do is sit down and enjoy a succulent dishes and good red wine. This gets repeated for the rest of the weekend until I once again race off in the car monday morning listening to the news and not singing a single note. But what more can I ask for? Nothing! :)

March is here and I'm permanently at my desk, at least for now. It's a slow moment as my office is putting in place procedures and building foundations for future projects. So that leaves me with moments where I invent very important task like looking for tickets to Norway or browsing google earth dreaming about beautiful places.

It's strange (and wonderful) how much you appreciate the things you had but suddenly don't have anymore, or at least not so much. Before I got this job I couldn't wait to get out there, and now I can't wait to get home, to go to Italy, to jump on a plane to Norway, go sailing... and the list goes on. There's another taste to life when you have to look forward to something, need to plan it, to wait for it. I wouldn't trade it for anything - well not yet... We'll see when I'm getting closer to the end of my contract ;)

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